To protect the interests of our clients we are prohibited to disclose details of the various projects and product developments we have been involved in. Therefore we can only give a general summary of some projects to give the reader a general idea of our expertise.

Caching DNS Server Front End
A caching front end to a BIND style domain name server based on a Cavium CN6xxx packet processor board. The card plugs into a PCIe slot in the DNS server and provides a high speed caching front end capable of caching DNS replies. The firmware, implemented exclusively by our team, implements a cache memory that stores DNS replies in fast DRAM memory. The implementation uses many techniques for achieving highest possible cache hit ratios. Multiple 64-bit processor cores run in parallel and processes incoming packets at a very high rate. Packets are inspected and UDP packets containing DNS queries are filtered out for cache treatment. The cache uses hash tables for fast lookups and a customised LRU algorithm for purging. All cores run in parallel using high speed locking to allow for shared memory accesses.

Advanced Threat Protection Front End
Cavium based front end product using a CN68xx Octeon packet processor. This product is capable of performing deep packet inspection at near 10 gigabit Ethernet line rate. This design allows for using SNORT style “rules” to define what type of threat traffic to look for and defend against. The firmware makes use of Caviums Hyper Finite Automata (HFA) coprocessors together with 32 64-bit processor cores. The design is capable of detecting and defending against most of today’s common attack scenarios such as denial of service attacks, reflection attacks, malware and many more threat types.

Packet Load Generator
Benchmarking and testing high speed packet processing devices requires sophisticated test equipment capable of generating very high packet loads. This product is based on a multi-core Octeon packet processor from Cavium and is capable of producing packet loads of close to 10 Million packets per second over multiple optical 10 GBit Ethernet ports.

Linux System Tools
Our team as produced a wide selection of Linux utilities and tools. Tools include daemons for background monitoring purposes and statistics collection. Setup and configuration utilities. Many types of traffic generators for benchmarking use and protocol violation detection. We also have extensive experience with writing kernel modules and device drivers to be used with our designs.