Welcome to JOC Consulting!

JOC Consulting is an international Engineering consulting company that specializes in providing outsourced development services to international network companies. JOC is headquartered in Hong Kong and have an R&D branch office in Bangkok, Thailand.

We specialize in developing embedded firmware for internet appliances such as threat detection and prevention systems, nextgen firewalls and high speed caching DNS servers with firewall capabilities. We have extensive experience working with high speed multi-core processors and deep packet inspection engines.

JOC Consulting holds the current world record in caching DNS server performance. This design implements a caching front end for a BIND DNS server with firewall capabilities and uses a mutli-core Octeon processor from Cavium Networks. The JOC team designed the embedded firmware for this product for a client and it has remained a market leader for the past year.

JOC Consulting was recently granted Board Of Investment (BOI) approval for our Thailand branch office.